2018 Reading Plan

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STEEP...Beyond Bible Reading

Let’s steep together in the New Testament in 2018!

Use this simple STEEP method in your personal time with God or as a family to help you read and respond to God and His Word in prayer and practice.

s- scripture

Get alone with God, your Bible and a journal to read one chapter from the New Testament each weekday.  Write out one verse that really stood out to you.   This allows God to reinforce His truth in your heart and mind.

t- take it in

OBSERVE this verse in the context of the chapter.  How does it relate to what is Emphasized or Repeated in the chapter?

E- Explain

Write out your own explanation of this verse.

E- Exercise

Write out how you can and will APPLY or “work-out” this verse in following Jesus.

P- Prayer

Write out a prayer of response to God based on what you’ve read or the specific “exercise” of His Word you desire to live-out by the power of His Holy Spirit.


MARK # 6:  Man/Woman of the Word
I saturate my mind and heart in God’s Word to know Him and live out His authoritative truth in every area of life by the power of His Spirit. (John 8:31-32) 
                                                                                          —from Allen Bible’s 7 Marks of a Disciple