Aug 4

abcMEN Monthly Fast & Prayer

6:00 am Start Time

We're calling all ABC Men to link arms and fight together on our knees before the Lord. 

Once a month we will fast on a Thursday, and then meet for prayer and breakfast the following Friday. 

Prayer Meeting Dates

Friday, June 9th
(fast June 8th)

Friday, July 7th
(fast July 6th)

Friday, August 4th
(fast August 3rd)

Aug 4

abcMEN Summer Bible Study 6:00 a.m.

6:00 a.m. on Friday Mornings

6:00 - 7:00 am
at Allen Bible

  • Materials: Free. Just your Bible 

  • Prep: Not required. Yet, highly recommended

  • Format: We are going to read God's word and watch it change us. Each week will cover one chapter and include focused discussion in smaller break-out groups. 

  • Time: 0600 AM (yes, that early)



Book of Ephesians

  • June 9: Fast & Pray
  • June 16:  Chapter ONE
  • June 23:  Chapter TWO
  • June 30:  Chapter THREE
  • July 7:  Fast & Pray 
  • July 14: Chapter FOUR
  • July 21:  Chapter FIVE
  • July 28:  Chapter SIX
  • August 4: Fast & Pray