We live in an ever-unraveling culture that leaves individuals frazzled and families strained and upset. How are we called to be the church that adorns the gospel in the midst of such a cynical, hostile and lonely day?

Titus was a protege of Paul sent to “finish the job” of establishing healthy churches who adorned the gospel in the self-absorbed “couch potato culture” on the island of Crete.
The throbs and confusion of that culture match much of our own.

Paul’s prescribed “hygiene essentials” for a sound church with healthy households are just as vital in our day as they were in 1st Century Crete to make message of Jesus attractive by how we live.

For good spiritual hygiene…We need sound elders & leaders who protect and practice sound doctrine. We need valuable relationships between older and younger generations. And, most of all, we need God’s grace to enable us to Adorn the Gospel as a Grace-Threaded Church in an Unraveling Culture.