Jonah is really NOT that fishy of a story. Jonah is not a parable or allegory but a biography of a reluctant prophet.

The resounding themes for us in Jonah are: He is God & We are Jonah.

HE IS GOD—sovereign and just? Yes, but also full of mercy and compassion for all people and He calls us to go to them as His Ambassadors…even those we might see as threats or our enemies.

WE ARE JONAH—how often are we reluctant to go where He sends us?

Facing Who God is and how much like Jonah we are brings us to hear God’s call to us again to GO…so we ask “Who’s Your One?”

Who’s Your One? We are called to be Christ’s Ambassadors among the Nations, our neighbors and the Next Generation…but how about we START by asking “Who is My One? Who is one person far from you, Lord, that you’ve put on my heart and put in my path that I want to see begin a relationship with You?”