Missions & Outreach


We feel uniquely positioned to reach the community of Allen, TX by impacting those that live right across the street. We strive to know our neighbors and to enter into their world as a friend and follower of Christ. 

Our neighborhoods, apartment complexes, cubicles, kids' sports teams, and favorite local restaurants are filled with people in need of the practical love of Christ.

We believe that God has placed each of us "on location" in the specific place He intends to use us...even somewhere as mundane as our usual grocery store or gas station.

While helping others to see opportunities right around them, we also find those who are in need (food, shelter, house maintenance) and move toward them to share the love of Christ in a practical and meaningful way. 

Global Outreach


John Piper states that "Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church....Worship is. Missions exists because Worship doesn't."  

Romania & Livada Orphan Care

We support ministry of Livada Orphan care by sending short term teams throughout the year as well as raising funds for special projects and ministry efforts.

If you would like to get involved in what we're doing in Romania CLICK HERE.

India & Church Planting

Being 98% non-Christian, and having the second highest population in the world, India is one of the neediest places for the Gospel. Currently we are focusing on sending teams to participate in evangelism and church planting. 

If you would like to get involved with what we're doing in India CLICK HERE.